Cloud control panel for IoT devices

Use widgets to display device data and send commands in real time. Control your Raspberry Pi and other IoT devices remotely.

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Communicate with your devices in real-time

Control all your devices in one place using widgets and customizable dashboards

Get notified when something important happens with your device

Connect your device


No code is required. Connect your Raspberry Pi sensors to Cloud4RPi in just 2 minutes and immediately get their data. All you need is to watch and control.

Real time messaging using the MQTT protocol

Send and receive data and commands instantly using the device-optimized MQTT protocol.

Monitor device connection status

Our service keeps an eye on device connections, and notify you when a device goes silent.

View device diagnostic data

Monitor device health and configuration - CPU, memory, disk utilization, network configuration.

Real time dashboard

Control panel displays data in real time. As soon as the device sends new data, control panel receives a message and updates its widgets.

Store and view data history

We keep history of the received data. You can use the Chart widget to view a timeline of values with scrolling and zoom enabled.


Set up alerts to receive an email message whenever your device goes offline for too long or the sensor value goes out of a specified range.

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Unlimited devices

Unlimited control panels

60 packets per minute

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